Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Doll Toy and Teddy Bear Show Agawam Massachusetts USA April 4+5, 2009

The Doll, Toy and Teddy Bear Show that had been running for 20+ years in West Springfield, Massachusetts USA changed to Agawam, Massachusetts last November 2008. Now in its second showing at this new smaller location, April 4 and 5, 2009 saw a decent crowd of dedicated and casual buyers searching out wonderful dolls.
For my part as a seller, I bring my vintage and collectible dolls including Barbie. Also my 1950's Fashion Dolls "The Glamor Gals" are always displayed in my booth proudly showing off their fashions. Quality dolls are my specialty and I like them in great condition.
The 66 Doll and Bear dealers who set up at this show come from all over the Northeast and are all well known. They bring a fine example of a vast array of dolls and bears to buy.
The show has a wide variety including new dolls such as Tonner, Reborns and other contemporary dolls.
But antique and vintage collectible dolls preside over this show.
Besides selling and doing business, we all have a great time at this two day show including the additional day to set up our booths.
I love this show and always look forward to finding a doll or accessory I have never seen before to add to my inventory.
Doll collectors and buyers have a great day shopping, staying all day to carefully pick through the display shelves and bins. This was a fun show.
I have included many pictures in this post to illustrate the variety of dolls at this show and the quality of merchandise.

And really, you can find almost anything at this show. This giraffe pair are wonderful.

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