Sunday, May 3, 2009

All About Antique Dolls at Coventry, Connecticut Doll Show

If you are a lover of antique bisque and china head dolls, the place to be was the Coventry Connecticut Doll Show May 2, 2009. Booth after booth displayed very interesting and beautifully dressed bisque and china head dolls. Above is a photo of my booth at the show.
I focus mostly on vintage and collectible dolls of the early 20thC to the present. My selection of Toni dolls gave a watchful eye over the other dolls displayed in my booth.
The Coventry High School was filled with about 35 dealers who set up their doll displays.
Some dealers came as far as Pennsylvania and New Jersey to exhibit.
Many lovely bisque dolls were displayed in interesting groupings and vignettes.
This exciting show happens once a year. The show gets a loyal attendance of buyers.
Many shoppers stay all day going through all the doll offerings, bins, and boxes.
Glancing through all the photos, see if you can find a doll that you would like to own!

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