Sunday, March 8, 2009

Barbie Celebrates 50th Birthday at Nashua NH Doll Show

The WBZ Channel 4 Boston Massachusetts USA television crew spent the day at the Rainbow Bazaar's Spring Doll and Bear Show and Sale at the Holiday Inn in Nashua New Hampshire on March 8, 2009. Show Promoter Cindy Amburgey had a festive set up as the dealers started loading in their dolls for early morning set up. It was then that she announced the television crew was coming for Barbie's Birthday party. Cindy is a well known specialist in the sale of Barbie dolls.
I set up my one table booth pictured above with vintage pink box Barbies, vintage 50's Fashion Dolls, a Madame Alexander assortment including a Cissy, and some Ginny.
A very large Birthday Barbie cut out greeted all the shoppers for the one day show. As well as an exhibit of Barbie.

The birthday cake was consumed later in the day after singing Happy Birthday!
Cindy and her crew started blowing up balloons and decorating the balloons of course!
There were all kinds of Barbie dolls set up on an exhibition table posing nicely.
The WBZ TV camera man added interest to the show as young children and their parents were interviewed about what was appealing to them about dolls in general and Barbie in particular.
Also the show consisted of a mix of 20th century hard plastic and composition vintage dolls, some antique bisque dolls, and a large assortment of hand crafted bears and new modern dolls. But the focus was definitely on Barbie at this show.
The show was over at 2:00 and was a pleasant day for all.

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  1. I love Barbie dolls. I collect them! LOL I have these super old Barbie dolls that my grandma gave me. maybe their antiques? idk but I love ur blog. very nice compared to mine LOL